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Every dollar donated translates into essential items for those in need. 100% of monetary donations go directly to packs.

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For ease of use, we are happy to share our Amazon Wish List

which contains many of the items we routinely place in our packs.

Items will be shipped directly to our packing and distribution locations.


This is one of our most requested items. Make a difference that goes beyond the pack essentials!

With your support, we can include personalized notes and even hand-drawn pictures in our packs.

We ask that you do your best to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • NAME: Please include a first name


  • LOCATION: Include the Parish/City/State where you reside (we receive notes from all over the country)

  • DRAWINGS: Feel free to include a handmade drawing (completely optional, but a great option for kids)

  • MESSAGE: The most important, but a tricky one: While we respect all beliefs, some recipients may not share ours. These care packages aren't for us; they're for our neighbors facing homelessness. We kindly ask that notes refrain from religious references or terms specific to personal struggles. Imagine losing your home and hearing a message that might feel dismissive. We strive for real, respectful messages.

​                                                            For information on where to send your notes:

Please email 

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