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100% of monetary donations goes directly to packs.

Donate here:

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You can also find us on the following apps:

Pack Essentials on Venmo

If you'd like to use Chase Quickpay/Zelle or discuss recurring bank payments, please send us a message on our contact page.


Please send any unused, packaged products to the following address:

Pack Essentials

917 Washington Avenue Apt. B

New Orleans, LA 70130


Please stick to items from the list here, or click here to suggest a new product idea.

Homemade Masks: Are you one of the millions who have this talent? Please send us some masks! The more creative, the better. 

For more ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Pack Essentials Product Donations
If you are mailing something to us directly, please let us know what it is via the form below, so we know to look out for it!

Thanks for submitting!


For ease of use, we are happy to share our Amazon Wishlist which

 contains many of the items we routinely place in our packs. Items will be shipped directly to our packing and distribution locations.


This is one of our most requested items. Either you or your children are asked to write a note, and possibly include a hand-drawn picture to be included in our bags. We ask that you do your best to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • NAME: Please include a first name


  • LOCATION: Include the Parish/City/State where you reside (we receive notes from all over the country)

  • DRAWINGS: Feel free to include a handmade drawing (completely optional, but a great option for kids)

  • MESSAGE: The most important, but a tricky one: Although we embrace all faiths and statuses, some will not. These packs are not for us, but for our home displaced neighbors. We ask that the author refrain from religious terms and terms that we would say to someone who may just be having a bad day. Imagine losing your home and hearing someone say "there is always hope at the end of the rainbow." The truth is, there isn't always hope. We try to keep things real and respectful. Our goal is to let people know the following: "We see you. We acknowledge there is a problem, we are trying, you are not invisible, and you are worth this and so much more." We at Pack Essentials are here to manage a few hours of their day, not cure the problem. We are one step on a long staircase towards change. 

  •  Please be as creative as you wish. The more the better.

Please mail your notes to the following address:

Pack Essentials

917 Washington Avenue Apt. B

New Orleans, LA 70130

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