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Pack Essentials is a domestic Non-Profit 100% funded by private donations and is created for one purpose:

Packing basic essentials into drawstring backpacks that are personally delivered across the New Orleans area to our unhoused neighbors. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people in communities across the planet were forced to come to our own terms that as much as we find our lives indestructible, all of us are vulnerable to losing everything we count on. No matter how hard we have worked, how much education we have received, how talented, how healthy (mentally and physically) we claim ourselves to be, life as we know it can change in an instant -- and suddenly we are lost.

Suddenly we encounter our neighbors under the bridges, on our street corners, in our parking lots, simply asking for what others take for granted everyday: A dollar, some water, basic food, a vote of confidence, eye contact and most importantly -- a touch of dignity and understanding from someone who has yet to experience such unforeseen misfortune. We all have our own story, it is not for us to judge -- also not for us to ignore. 


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